Pan X and iPhone

Can a Pan X doc be made to work on iPhone?

I do not know what you mean by a ‘Pan X doc’ but the fact is that Panorama X, the application, will only work on macOS.

Panorama X will not work on iPadOS, or iOS.

The .pandb file that Panorama X creates needs the engine of the Panorama application to do anything. That would be akin to having a .xlsx file but not having Excel on your computer. And finally, there is no other application that can open .pandb files for your purposes.

Some years ago Jim indicated that porting PanX from OSX to iOS, in at least some form, was theoretically possible and was on his longterm wish list. Whether that is still true I don’t know. Differences in available screen sizes and other UI issues make that a nontrivial conversion. LOTS of programming time needed, but potential large business returns if it can be done.

You can make web browser pages that interact with Panorama that allow you to display, search and enter data linked to a Panorama database that work on pads and phones.

If you only want to use your data on the iOS device, you can export your Pan X database as a CSV file, and then use e.g. Numbers to open, sort, categorize your data.

I plan on have my webpage being a Pan X database that will allow me sell products designed in Pan X. Is that the set-up you are referring to port material to iPad and iPhone?
Thank you!

Panorama X is excellent for generating web pages, whether they be static html once they’re added to your site, or dynamic pages germinated by Panorama on-demand. In that respect, the results allow you to work with any browser enabled device.

See Panorama X Built It for some of my past comments on the topic. And some examples of getting started under Help with Putting DB on Web

Thank you.