Pan pauses for about two minutes

I have a procedure that runs and appears to work correctly. The final steps in the procedure send some text to a file then opens the file for the user to see. I have put in zlog statements with times and the whole thing takes about 2 minutes.

But then the system is unresponsive to mouse clicks or the keyboard for a period of time, perhaps two minutes. Eventually, control returns.

What the heck is happening? Any ideas about what I should look for?

Sounds like a siesta to me.

Drooping heads, hat covering eyes, deep breathing.

By “the system” do you mean the entire computer? Or just Panorama?

Panorama will ignore mouse clicks and keyboard presses while a procedure is running. It didn’t use to do that, but someone complained that clicks and key presses could mess up operation of a running procedure. Wait - that someone was you! (And you had a good point.)

However, if you are saying that the entire computer is unresponsive then something else is going on. Panorama doesn’t change the behavior of other programs, so if that is what you are seeing I have no idea what might be going on.

No, just Panorama. The unresponsiveness lasts long after the procedure ends; I have a zlog statement at the end so I know it has reached the end.

Here’s another factor that jut occurred to me. I am accessing the computer remotely using Splashtop. Possibly Splashtop is causing the apparent unresponsiveness.

Is that a VNC client? Oh, yeah, I guess it is, or something similar. I haven’t heard of that one before.

Is there any way you can try the same procedure on a local computer to see whether the same thing happens? If it does, I would say that there is a procedure still running. Maybe not the one you think.

I found that a subroutine was causing the problem; when I removed it, the unresponsiveness disappeared. I still haven’t figured out how that subroutine was causing a problem, but it is resolved for now.

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Can you tell us what the subroutine does? Perhaps that will save some others the grief if they stumble down the same path.

Paul, I agree it is sometimes useful to review problems or mistakes that others have reported, but I still don’t know what caused it. I guess that I have a mistake in the code that I haven’t found yet. If I do figure it out, I will consider supplementing this post. In any event, I hope you avoid all grief.