Pan ignoring responses to its own alert

I went to quit PanX. (10.2.0.b24) I got an alert asking do you want to save such and such a database? I clicked yes, and nothing happened, no save, no quit. I did this twice with the same result. I brought that db to the front and saved it. Then Pan quit with no problem. I wondered whether it was a case of user error (i.e. my clicking the wrong button) so I tried again from scratch and had the same results. It doesn’t seem to be me. The db that needed to be saved had not been in front, so I tried again with that db in front and showing a dirty close button. Same result. Pan isn’t responding to its own alert. (Mac OS 11.6).

That’s not Panorama’s alert, it’s macOS’s alert. This is a bug in macOS. If you turn off the Ask to keep changes when closing documents option in System Preferences then it works. I think all Apple engineers have this option turned off (and turned off is the default).

It is not clear to me what is this “bug in macOS” and what “works when you turn off” that option in System Preferences. If you turn that option off, you never get asked if you want to save changes, and you completely rely on the Autosave feature of macOS.

There are two options in macOS System Preferences > General that are working hand in hand there: Ask to keep changes when closing documents and Close windows when quitting applications.

If both options are checked, then macOS works the “classic” way. Documents are closed when you quit an application, and you get asked if you want to save the changes you made.

If only the first option is checked, you won’t get asked, because windows are not closed quitting the application, and these windows will automatically reopen when you relaunch the application. The document will reappear with all its changes and its “modified” marker.

These options are working as expected in Apple apps e.g. TextEdit. If you have unsaved changes in an inactive document, no changes in the active, frontmost document, and have checked the first option only, then you won’t get asked to save the changes. If you have checked the second option (to close windows when you quit the app), too, then the unchanged active document will be closed, the inactive document becomes active, and you are asked if you want to save the changes. The document gets saved.

Since PanoramaX is supporting Autosave, but does not support Auto-Reopen of documents, IMHO there is a difference between Apple apps and PanoramaX at this point.

Weirder and weirder. I turned off that option. The red dot no longer indicated that the file had been changed (though the filename in the titlebar did say SomeFile(Edited). I tried to quit Pan but couldn’t at all. Then when I saved the open files I could quit. Does this match your experience?


The bug is that when I ask to have changes saved, they aren’t and Pan won’t quit. If I don’t ask to have changes saved (via the system preferences) the red dot doesn’t get dirty, but Pan won’t quit until I manually save the changes. This is all independent of whether I ask to have windows closed.


Yes, but I was wondering what bug Jim meant.

And I am wondering if your bug is a macOS bug really or if it is a PanX bug because of that difference between PanX and Apple apps fully supporting the Autosave / Auto-Reopen scheme of macOS.

So I tested your scenario with two TextEdit documents. And as I wrote, everything is working as expected there. No bug in sight.

My apologies, this is a Panorama bug. It occurs if the current record has been edited. Anything that completes the editing session will clear this, which includes saving, or simply moving to another or record. The problem doesn’t occur if the active window is a procedure window or a form window in graphics mode, only for data windows, and only if data has been edited. This is going to be a bit tricky to fix, but at least now I know where to look.