Pan 6 Super Object

Hello Friends,
I am using Pan 6 and have a data base with a form that uses a Scrolling List Super Object.
My problem is that the SuperObject does not automatically fill and display. It is just blank. The only way I can get it to work is go to another form, close and and then go back to the data form with the List SuperObject and it is filled. Is there a procedure to automatically fill the list when I open it?

I can’t think of any reason why this procedure would cause it to fill. How big is this database? Maybe the reason it is filled when you return to the form is that enough time has passed for it to fill.

Hello Dave,
There are only 13 entries in the List Super Object. I remember a “Fill List” statement but I don’t see that anymore.

If it’s scanning a large database to find those 13 items, it could still take awhile. “FillList” is a parameter in the SuperObject command. You will find it under List SuperObject Programming in the Programming Reference wizard.