Pan 6, Pan X, and university $ rule


I’m a long-time (late `80s and on) Panorama user who still uses Pan 6, mainly because our university seems to have trouble with the Pan X pricing model (and as I’m almost certainly the only person in the university who uses Panorama, I suspect that there’s not much incentive to come up with a solution!). Unfortunately, my home-based work computer just failed, and I’ve had to switch to the laptop that my wife and I bought for her over the summer. As this is our personal computer, there’s no reason that I can’t install Pan X on it (I’m not even sure how to get Pan 6 on it these days). However, is it even possible to access the same Panorama database with both Pan X and Pan 6?



Panorama X can open a Panorama 6 database, but it converts it to a new format, so once you edit it in Panorama X, it can’t be opened by Panorama 6 other than by exporting the data to text.

I’m curious what the trouble is. You can set up Panorama X such that a single payment covers 5 years of use, there’s no need for recurring payments more frequent than that. In fact, you could purchase 10 or 15 years in advance if you wanted to.