Pan 6 / Pan 6 Web Server (Mojave)

Hey everyone! Two questions:

  1. I read in previous posts, Pan 6 had issues with Mojave beta releases, but the most recent reference to Mojave I could find in this forum stated that Pan 6 was running fine under newer releases of Mojave. For those of you now using Mojave, does Pan 6 (regular, not server) run reliably under it?

  2. If anyone has tried, will Pan 6 Server work as a ‘web server’ under Mojave? If you haven’t tried Mojave, what is the more recent version of MacOS anyone is using to run Pan 6 Server as a web server? I see Jim Rea’s post that Pan 6 Server will run under High Sierra, but not sure if that also means Pan 6 Server can connect to Apache to respond to web requests under High Sierra?



Hey Jeff,

I’ve got one computer running Mojave and Pan 6 single user as well as shared files have been doing okay. I’ve run Enterprise in demo mode on it several times and all seems fine there too.


Thanks, Jim. I’ll give a try upgrading to Mojave then, at least on my development machine, unless someone else wants to chime in with any important warnings before I do? Main reason I’m curious if the Pan 6 web server will run on Mojave is I may pickup one or the new Mac Minis that Apple is expected to release next week, but I am certain it will require Mojave. I’d like to see if I can get Pan 6 running as a web server on it as we slowly transition some of our servers from Snow Leopard to modern machines. Next step will be converting what we are running to Pan X Server when it becomes available.

I’ve heard that one before. Not holding my breath!

A caveat… If the computer has been restarted, Gatekeeper asks permission for Panorama to access System Relaunches of Panorama don’t trigger it but I’ve found no way to get Gatekeeper to remember the choice for the next time the computer is restarted. It only occurs once per startup of the machine, but on a server that could be problematic.

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If I can’t find a simpler way, hopefully I could write a script, or find a Terminal command to fix that.

Along these lines there are some terminal commands that may be of help.

Excuse me for making sure, but it is very important for me to do so: are you saying I can upgrade to Mojave and continue using my Panorama 6 files and procedures with no problem?

Kind of…, on Mojave you’ll get questioned about whether or not you want to allow Panorama to access this or that. If you don’t mind giving it an occasional okay, it works fine by my experience.

That’s a problem on a server but not on a client or single user copy.

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I never got around to installing Panorama 6 Server on our Mojave server when I first asked this question last year, but plan to this week. Has anyone had any further issues since then?



I gave up after spending many hours attempting to get it going. Many tricks that used to work MIGHT work but things are different as designed by Apple so old tricks need to be done differently. ie. Do not think that you can change the permissions of a drive without significant ramifications.

In case helpful to anyone else… I do have Panorama 6 Server running successfully on a Mac Mini with the latest version of Mojave. The pop-up message everyone talks about was coming up for a while, but hasn’t come up recently after restarts. I don’t know if an update to Mojave reduced how often such alerts pop up, or something else has changed, but for what it is worth it is working well. So far I’m only running fairly simple procedures, so there is a chance certain things may not working properly.