Pan 6 Enterprise not responding

Our Panorama 6 Enterprise server is not responding. All clients are remote over the internet so it is not a WiFi problem. I cannot ping the server from a client. I get the two minute time out followed by the standard error that the server does not respond. However, I can remotely ping the static IP address with an operating software tool. So I have narrowed it down to the server software itself, since the internet connection to the server seems to be solid.

Before I start ripping out and replacing the server software, I wanted to check to see if anybody has some guidance on how to best get the server to respond without doing something radical. The server window appears on the screen when I launch the server, but no clients are visible on the screen and no open databases appear on the screen.

Any help of advice that I can get would be sincerely appreciated.

You are not providing much detail to go on. Was it working and then suddenly stopped, or is this the first time it was set up. If it was working, were there any changes in your system, network, etc.? What version of macOS is running on the server. When you say “the server window appears on the screen” are you in the same room with the server computer or are you using some sort of remote screen sharing tool? Are you sure that the Apache web server software is running on the server computer? If you are using OS X 10.10 or later, has the httpd.conf file been edited to enable CGI plugins?