Pan 6 crashes intermittently and unexpectedly on one of my computers

This happens only when working in another program or toggling to another program. We cannot consistently make it happen every time, but it does crash so frequently that we cannot use that computer. Has anybody else experienced this problem?

Which system are you using? If it is one of the newer versions of OS X respectively macOS, then maybe the system tries to compress or free up memory that the background app Panorama is using, and Panorama heavily depends on memory.

Maybe you would not see those crashes if you would quit Panorama 6 and not let it idle in the background.

We are running El Capitan. The computer came pre-installed with Lion, and we had the problem then. We have several other computers running El Capitan, but so far this is the only computer that has an issue. The only other thing that is different about the subject computer is the Nvidia dedicated graphics card. All of our other computers are running AMD or Intel graphics.

Some time back I was having problems with my computer shutting down properly and tried a whole slew of remedies to no avail. Luckily, Jim Cook suggested starting in “Safe Mode” and then shutting down and rebooting. I have not had a problem since so it might be worth a try for you as well. To start in safe mode: restart the Macintosh and press and hold the Shift key immediately after you hear the startup tone then release the Shift key when the Apple logo appears.