Optionclick() misbehavior

I frequently use text lists and have a procedure that is triggered if a shiftclick() occurs, and that is frequently used to open a form with more detail about the line in the text list. That works perfectly.
But if I use an optionclick() to do the same thing, i.e. open a form, the form opens but then the textlist window immediately comes back to the top. That should not happen, right?
I can cope with this by including a window statement after I open the form, but that results in some window flashing, which is not optimal, although better than having the wrong window on top.
Using Shiftclick to trigger the procedure also suffers the same problem.
Hopefully, Jim will find one tiny tweak to some code will fix this.

I don’t know of any reason why holding down option or shift keys would cause the previous window to come back to the top. There is no Panorama code to do that.