Optimization modelling

I have created many optimization models (e.g. transportation models, travelling salesmen models, inventory models, pricing models, etc.) in Excel and Quantrix Modeler using their respective built-in Solver engines.

I very much like Panorama X and am a Panorama 6 and FileMaker 17 developer. I am considering changing over to Panorama X in which to develop all my optimization models, but I wanted to know that if I learn to program in Panorama X can I code simplex (linear programming), non-linear programming, network models and simulation models?

The short answer is no – Panorama does not include any optimization model capabilities.

Depending on your technical abilities, the long answer is that it could be done, if you are comfortable with shell scripting or programming in Python. Both shell scripts and Python can be embedded into Panorama databases. A quick google search turned up a popular open source optimization language named “Pymo” which looks to be very capable and even is embedded in other products. This language could be driven from Panorama.


If Panorama X ever did include built-in support for optimization modeling, it would probably be using this package or one like it. That’s how the new chart capability in Panorama was put together, using an open source JavaScript based charting package together. The new summarytable( could potentially be very useful for organizing data to pass to Pymo or a similar library.

There’s no doubt that this would be a somewhat ambitious project, but definitely possible for a technical user. Once it was coded, you would have a “push button” solution.

I’m going to put building this into Panorama on the “maybe someday” idea list (but this would be, at best, years away).

Jim, thank you.