Oppps- I deleted a field a few weeks ago!

Unfortunately I made a minor deletion on my ledger database (deleted a field) some weeks ago and didn’t notice it. I have added hundreds of new records since then. I have an old database with the field, and I have a new db. I need to match/merge each record to the original and add back the missing info. I used to know how to do this myself, but I’m getting too old and lazy! I could use a little help to fix things. For a seasoned panorama programmer this would be a piece of cake. Do you know anyone that can help me PLEASE?

Added: I am using PanX :wink:

I can send you the two files. I’ll pay for your time of course :slight_smile:
Text me 650-279-8057

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You want to JOIN the old db with the field db, to the new one where the field is empty. Usually you’d first set up a Relationship, in the latter with the former, within database options. Check those terms out under help. They are the basics of a fast powerful group of features that came to PanX a couple years back, which reinsert your lost data quicker than you can read the help. And if you botch your first attempt that Undo you wished you had used a few months back let’s you safely keep trying until you get it right.

It hasn’t been established that he is using Panorama X.

In Pan6 this would be done using Formulafill Lookup(…
Lookup’s help may refresh your old memories. Alas Pan6 lacks X’s impressive Undo range. That still works in PanX, but is slower. PanX also offers a Wizard to help get the details of the lookup function correct.

Hi Ray Clark :grinning:

I had to do something like that recently - yes, old Pan6 business.

Neither old file nor the new new file had unique identifiers. Usually any sort of “customer name” is problematic - unless maybe concatenated with some number like phone or zipcode or birthdate. I just added a temp numeric field to each file and fill with a sequence 1 1, giving me 1 to 1725 in each file. Then used the FormulaFil Lookup that JohnB mentioned and brought the old data into the new file.

Note the unsaid requirements - one file was an export from the other so the record matching was already in record order. That’s why I could assign them the same sequence number - the first record in the old file matched the first record in the new file, etc.

Thanks Dave, I am using PanX now and liking it!

Hi Paul! So nice to hear from you. I’ve got a heck of a Flu, and having trouble focusing enough for even the simplest programming, but please text or email me if you think you could help, and I’ll send you the 2 files :wink:

Thanks so much John! Can you direct me to which terms in help I’m looking for? Is it “relationship”?

As mentioned to Designer, I’ve got a heck of a Flu, and having trouble focusing enough for even the simplest programming. Auggggg