OpenPlain statement

Using the OpenPlain statement, the rusult is a message “Window does not exist.”

What does this mean? I am attempting to open a Pano 6 file without the .Initialize procedure running. A single line procedure of OpenPlain gives me the above message.

OpenPlain is a custom statement in _DiskLib. This is its code.

Local filename,filefolder,filetype
OpenFileDialog filefolder,filename,filetype,"ZEPD"
If filename="" stop endif
OpenSecret folderpath(filefolder)+filename
if filename endswith ".pan"
Window filename+":secret"

Best guess is that the error occurs at the Window statement, and there is something funny about the value of filename when that statement is executed.

I suspect that the filename is longer than 31 characters. The “Carbon” enviroment used by Panorama 6 (and earlier) was derived from the original Mac OS, which did not support long filenames. Carbon had a hack that would mangle long filenames to make them only 31 characters. This is probably why the window statement is failing – it doesn’t understand the mangled name.

Since these restrictions no longer apply to Panorama X, most of us have probably forgotten about these problems from the earlier Panorama era.

Immediately after the OpenSecret, if I use

 Message Info("Files") 

the file is not open as it is not reported in the Message response nor is it listed in the files open in memory.

I have an idea that the file may not be opening due to the use of Panorama’s Security features that may have been implemented. I am working on getting an Author mode password.