Opening & viewing database forms

So I’m getting annoyed at Pan X cluttering my desktop! In Pan 6 if I selected View and a form or procedure it displayed fine, then if I selected another the previous one was replaced. In Pan X if I select a different form it opens in a new window, and on and on until I have a lot of open windows. How can I keep only one form at a time for less clutter?

Panorama X always remembers the position of each form, and opens each form in a new window. If you don’t want a form open any more, you have to close it.

If you are opening forms with a statement, you can use Goform, which replaces the form that is open with the new one in the same window. You may, of course, need to resize the window to accommodate the new form.
You could also use the code in an earlier post that will close other windows in the same database (you have to scroll down in this long topic.)

Managing windows

Sorry guys but I don’t need 10 forms open at once! Pan 6 would simply open a new form or window in place of an open one.