Opening several databases

Hello Friends. I have four databases to be open at one time. I want 1,2,and 3 databasses to be hidden under the last data base to be open showing the Data Entry form. I thought I could do this in Initialize. Any ideas would be appreciated. P.S. I don’t want to open any of them as secrete.

If database 4 is your starting point, then you can open and arrange the other three databases from it procedurally. You can make it a normal procedure and call it from the Action menu or with a keystroke or with a button, or you make it an .Inititialize procedure.

Pan X has statements to set the size for the next window that is opened (setwindow) as well as statements that change the size of already opened windows (zoomwindowrectangle).

PanX no longer saves Sets?

No, this feature is not included in Panorama X.

Another very handy feature lost!

I have learned to live without the “Sets” feature. Just set up everything you want to do including opening several databases in the .initialize statement.

Sure there is always a workaround but why have to do this? Yet more time wasted doing all this converting. SETS was a very convenient feature for handling multiple databases at once.

Sorry, but I disagree. Sets were — for me — not reliable enough. Windows did not appear in the order I imagined. So I stopped using them in the days of Pan 6 or even earlier.

The proposed method using an .Initialize procedure has worked in the old Panorama Classic days already, and it offers much more control about order, size and placement of the windows.

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But it’s easy to roll your own. I have a separate DB with a procedure that opens the two (or more) DB’s I really want and then closes itself.