Opening Google Maps in browser from database - openwebmap

I used this in a procedure to go to Google Maps and find the make for an address in a particular record in Panorama 6.

It does not work in Panorama X.

openwebmap «Address 1»,City,State, Zip, Country

Is there an equivalent in Panorama X?

Making the migration and suffering quite a bit.

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Check out openmapwindow:

The openmapwindow opens the map in a Panorama window. If you want to open it in a browser window, like openwebmap did, this will work:

openurl mapurl(«Address 1»,City,State,Zip,Country)

Not including openwebmap in Panorama X was an oversight which apparently no one noticed for 5 years. I have just corrected this, so Panorama X 10.2 Denali will include this statement. But for now, you can just use the one line of code above, I just verified that it does in fact work.

See also the mapurl( function.

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