Opening Connection to... when using a shared db

When I use File/Open to open my shared database, I sometimes get this notification…

When I first saw this, it gave me a warm and fuzzy feelling telling me that all was good. But I have come to learn that this is not a good thing.

Info(“ServerConnection” will return 0 (or False) in this situation.

What I am supposed to see (if all is good) are some following notifications stating something like “Opening xxx on Automation 21” then another, maybe like…
“Already synchronized : 308”

Without these following 2 notifications, I, or users, have to figure out that the server is down.

Now that I have figured out that the server is going down on its own, what Instrumentation can I run to determine why.

If you open the database and it can’t connect to the server you should see a lock icon in the toolbar. Are you seeing that?