Opening a form without a GoForm statement

I have been frustrated in finding a procedure statement that will open a form I created in my database. The frustration first started when I converted my existing Panorama 6 database to Panorama X. All my procedures with a “OpenForm” statement were highlighted in red. Searching the HELP files, if finally found “OpenForm” but when I clicked on it, it was dead.
I searched further and found the “GoForm” statement. But when I use this, I get a window with an error message that "GoForm only works with windows that are already open with a form. Well, it doesn’t make any difference to PanoramaXs that my database is in an open window and the form I want is also in its own window. How confusing is this?

Why don’t you resurrect the good old “OpenForm” and save me more pain? Now, to run my procedure, I must stop it, go to the view window, open the form manually, and print the contents.

Openform is still supported and now includes the ability to add options to the opening form window as well as the ability to open forms from another database.

I have no idea why this topic would be “dead” in your Help file. :confused:

In my memory most of my databases that I migrated from Pan 6 to X, had some procedures with red warning signs that contained the GoForm statement.

I had simply to replace those GoForm statements with OpenForm statements to make the red warnings disappear, and this statement is working without any issues.

In converting Panorama 6 to X, It was the “GoForm” statement that produced the red warnings and would no longer work. One cannot find the GoForm statement in the list of commands in Panorama X.

Really? It shows up in my Help file:

If you can create a procedure in a Panorama X file the uses “OpenForm”, please tell me how you did it.

You are absolutely right, Gary. I can’t explain why I couldn’t find the term in HELP - I guess I’m getting too old to do good programming.


One possible explanation for not originally finding a statement in help: the help search box has blue drop down menu that allows you to restrict your search to particular subject. If you make sure you have chosen ALL, then you will be searching every statement and function and many other pages. For example, if the blue box was set to Basics, goform and openform would not show up.

The goform statement was not in early beta versions of Panorama X, I’m not sure when it was added but it was before Panorama X 10.0 was released. It does have a limitation that Panorama 6 did not have – it will only work if a form is already displayed in the current window. You cannot switch from the data sheet to a form in the same window.

The openform statement has been in Panorama X from very early on, long before the first beta was ever released. In fact the openform statement is the ONLY way to open a form – the View menu uses the openform statement internally when you select a form from the menu.

I think @CooperT probably has a good theory as to why you didn’t find it, though in that case goform shouldn’t have shown up in your search either, so that is a bit puzzling. But his point is excellent, if you don’t find something in the help that you think should be there, make sure the realm is set to ALL. It’s actually worth a few moments to take a look at the documentation for the Help wizard.

And also this orientation video, which includes an introduction to the help system.

You’re right. I have always had difficulty with the HELP menu. Often the search window doesn’t activate and I fool around clicking on different items until it does. Then my search turns up nothing as I click through the various topics. I must study the Wizard.