Opendialog window location

I am wondering if there is a way, other than opening a dialog as a sheet, to keep the dialog window “glued” to the form that opened it? The code below is kind of a hack using a technique that @gary used in his “Fade In” database. The dialog window opens as an animated mini sheet. I want to post an animation of the dialog, how can I record my screen?

local swapRectangle, vTop, vLeft, newWindowRect, vCounter, vNewHeight

swapRectangle = objectinfo("rectangle","SwapArea")
newWindowRect = swapRectangle
vTop = rtop(newWindowRect)+13
vLeft = rleft(newWindowRect)
newWindowRect = rectanglesize(vTop,vLeft,1,502)
call "EditContact"
opendialog vFormToOpen,"Titlebar","no", "Rectangle", rectanglesize(vTop,vLeft,vNewHeight,502)

//Sheetify It
zoomwindowrectangle newWindowRect
until vCounter = 26

pause ""

I listed the apps I use to create animated gif screen captures on this very recent post: Telephone field layout

Sorry I posted in the wrong topic.

Here is the .gif

I can get the look of your dialog by using normal form objects that popup from behind a white mask in the background and are then sent back again when finished. The animation doing this is nowhere near as smooth as with the zoomwindowrectangle method used with a dialog window. The best I could accomplish was to bring the base rectangle forward first and increase its size in a few chunks until full size and then bring up the other overlay objects as shown below. Closing this simulated dialog uses the same method in reverse. I also did a normal sheet dialog for comparison.

The slow jerky results are with the showpage after every increment so that too many steps results in a very, very slow redraw to the final size. I also tried to implement showrectangle instead of showpage but that did not show anything until the final redraw at the end - no animation at all the same as if I eliminated the showpage statements altogether. Looks like all these options have their own shortcoming.:disappointed: