Opendialog and Rundialog

Note: In most cases you won’t want to use the opendialog statement directly. Instead, you should use the rundialog statement.

The above is from Panorama Help, opendialog.

What is the difference between these statements and what are the pros and cons ?

Thank you.

Hi Jim,

I just emailed a database to demonstrate the reason for the question.

This isn’t really an either/or choice. When you use the rundialog statement, the opendialog statement is still being used behind the scenes to actually open the dialog window. The rundialog statement just adds a lot of logic that makes it so much easier to implement a dialog, doing things like automatically centering the dialog, managing button clicks without a bunch of extra procedures, automatically opening the first text item for editing, etc. But if you want to forego that, and do things the hard way, there is no downside other than the extra work you will be making for yourself.

Thank you Jim,

I think I have been to many things the hard way with this project. The upside is I have furthered my appreciation for the brilliance of Panorama X. I have learned exponentially more over the last year than all the years before.

I will revisit rundialog. Much appreciation to you.