I have never really paid attention to what a cloneable form is or how it works. I think I might need the feature now. So, I am wondering if openclonewindow will facilitate editing a different record in the same database with out changing the current record I am editing in a different form. If so, how do I implement this?


No it would not. When a record is active in one window, it is active in every window that can edit data in that database.

Thank you Dave,

So what does openclonewindow do? If I recall correctly the Pan 6 documents were showing different records from the same database in different windows. I can’t remember which document showed this, if you remember, let me know and I will re-read about it, that is assuming it works the same as Pan 6.

I just saw this about openform in the current PanX help file.

If you want different clone windows to display and/or work with different data, use windowglobal variables. Each window has its own separate windowglobal variables.

Note: Unlike Panorama 6 and earlier, Panorama now allows any form to be opened as a clone window, but you must use the clone option.

So maybe we can work with different data?

A cloned window can contain windowglobal variables with the same names. That way you can have multiple windows with the same design, containing different data, but the data will be in variables, not in database fields.

Examples of cloned windows would be multiple Help file windows displaying information about different commands or functions, or multiple Formula Workshop windows containing different formulas.

This is from page 458 of Formulas & Programming.

Designing A Clone Window Application

Although any form can be cloned if the Allow Clones option is turned on, most forms will not work very intelligently if they are cloned. In general, a form that is designed to be cloned should not contain any fields or global variables, only windowglobal variables (see “Variable Accessibility” on page 250). If your form contains Text Editor, Data Button, Pop-Up Menu or List SuperObjects and the Allow Clones option is turned on, these SuperObjects will automatically create windowglobal variables instead of global variables. Since the windowglobal variables can be manipulated separately for each clone window you can control each clone window individually, even though all the clone windows use the same form template.

It appears that I could use batchassign and open the form then use batchassign and post to save it to the correct record or just create my own variables and then post to the correct record when the form is closed. Will post work in the same database? I will have to experiment.