Open file initialize blues

This used to work flawlessly, but in PanX in a simple initialize procedure in DB1 to open two related files opens DB2 but says “File [DB3] does not exist”. The helpful right pane here tells me “Your topic is similar to…” and I’ve read a couple threads from 2017 and 2018, but didn’t find a solution that would work for me. Was this ever fixed? For now, I’ve resorted to getting the last prior workable copy of DB1 out of TimeMachine and I guess I’ll just forget .initialize and openfile/opendatabase/opensecret until some other day when I don’t have substantive work to get done.

It also leaves open the initialize procedure window. I’ve noticed this seemingly random behavior of opening procedure windows and leaving them scattered around. Is there a way to kill this inconvenience?

I am using a similar procedure in Panorama X without any issues.
Here is an example code:

if 0 = arraysearch(info("windows"),"DB1",1,cr())
    opendatabase "DB1"
if 0 = arraysearch(info("windows"),"DB2",1,cr())
    opendatabase "DB2"
if 0 = arraysearch(info("windows"),"DB3",1,cr())
    opendatabase "DB3"

So I think that your second or third database is …

  • … not migrated to Panorama X or …
  • … does not exist in the folder where Panorama is looking for it.

Thanks, KJM, I’ll check into that.

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This is consistent behaviour, not random. Think of it as opening a cupboard door in your kitchen - after you’ve walked into it a few times you remember to close it when you’ve finished with it. Do the same with your Panorama X windows and it will become second nature.