Oh Help System where art thou?

Recently my general Panorama X Help no longer shows up with content. For example, with my form window active and in graphics mode, When I select Help, The Help window opens, the topic list appears on the left, and the title in the Help window changes as I click on various topics, but the main body - to the right of the topics list, is empty. It was working a few days ago.

Could I have inadvertently deleted the whole help content? I did a computer-wide search for Panorama files to see if there was a “Help” file in some directory, but nothing showed up. I figure if it were missing, Panorama would say something like, “We kent get there from here.” but there is nary a warning.

I could switch over to the training videos for details on various form objects, but the written docs have been comprehensive enough for now.

Again, this isn’t something that never worked. It’s something that was there and now it’s gone.

All the content in the Mailing list tutorial is gone too.

I noted Jim’s Maintenance notice and I must have missed the memo on the interval date/time it was supposed to occur. But if Panorama couldn’t reach the server - if that’s where the help files reside - wouldn’t there be a message/warning about that?

Rather than just reinstalling, it would be handy to know what happened so I can avoid a future situation.

The files are stored within the Panorama application bundle. Right click or control click on the Panorama icon, and choose "Show Package Contents.

Within the package navigate to Contents/Resources/Reference. You should find the files there.

Thank you, Dave and CooperT - yep, that’s the critter. A restart brought the kitty back. Restart also fixed another display issue where the right panel showing the object attributes would not scroll to the top.

My one goal for the form is to have a text object that shows a white background on a form that is yellow; the text object background currently shows the form’s yellow color. Maybe that’s and opacity setting?

What would I use to display text I could drag over and copy, but not change. I tried a textedit object with “editable” turned off. I figured copying isn’t editing because it isn’t changing the object’s content. but I don’t see any highlight when I drag over it. For now, I’ve put “Copy” buttons next to those copy-but-don’t-change items with the button action just assigning the variable value to the clipboard.

I know the benefits of using Apple’s standards - buttons and such - but as this is just for my eyes, I may have to get a little more inventive to have snazzier-looking controls. I remember when a Bevel gave you a nice shaded rectangle; not just some skinny lines and an oval.

Remember the days of color gradients for rectangular beveled buttons and the basic technique of putting a black rectangle behind and offset from the white input field so it appeared as an inset? It was so purdy - you just wanted to use it, to push those buttons and fill those fields. Now it’s just, just, is what it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

You could use a text display object, and check “Allow Text Selection.”

You could put a white rectangle behind the text object.

That’s the opacity of the text. The default is 100% opaque.

Thank you Dave, that will do the trick.

As of Panorama 10.2, you no longer need to use a separate rectangle object for this. Both Text Display and Text Editor objects can display a custom background color on their own. It’s much simpler than using a separate object.

It would be nice if that color wheel displayed the RRGGBB code for the color picked. Maybe it shows somewhere else and I missed it. I’m sure there’s ColorPicker App that displays the code - my guess is a PanoramaX file “app” :slightly_smiling_face: But there seems enough real estate in that color picker window to display the necessary code for the object Bkgnd field.

I found the chart in Help

The RGB Sliders display it. So you could choose your color, using the wheel, or whichever tab you prefer, and then switch to the RGB sliders to see what the hex color is.

Of course the RGB sliders is the one icon I didn’t try (after the crayons, spectrum and wheel). Thank you Dave.

I find that the color pickier in the Font Awesome Icons window (Help menu) is handy for this.

Thank you Jim, I knew I’d seen something like that before.