Off-Topic: Photoshop substitute

This is off-topic but may be of interest to some folks on this forum that either use Photoshop or those who would like to but wouldn’t use it enough to justify the subscription cost. I found an amazing substitute the pretty much duplicates most Photoshop features at a very reasonable $54 and on sale for the next several hours for only $27.

Affinity Photo, unlike Photoshop, is a stand alone program in your Applications folder always available with or without an internet connection. The user interface resembles that of Photoshop but with its own spin. I was able to do a bunch of work without consulting any of the documentation and found nothing I couldn’t do in Affinity that I could in Photoshop. I’m sure power Photoshop users would be able to come up with a list of items that can’t be done properly but I doubt the list would be very long. I like some things in Affinity better than Photoshop especially the ease of saving png files with transparent backgrounds.

I have no connection to Affinity other than being a happy user. Here is a link to the site:

You can click on the 50% Off button to get the sale price as long as you grab it in the next several hours. I paid the full price a couple of weeks ago and thought it was a bargain at that price.

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FYI Affinity is a well known company that I have only heard good things about for several years. I would purchase this deal myself except that I already bought this software on an earlier deal several years ago.

Another good Photoshop substitute is Pixelmater Pro.

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Hi, as far as I know these Affinity products are currently not scriptable, eg with Applescript. Acorn and I think Pixelmater Pro are. I use Acorn. -k

I have used the Affinity suite since beta. Love it. It is a true Adobe replacement option for those that would like to get out to the Adobe garden.