Off Topic...maybe. Accessing RFID reader / writer remotely via wifi and update a remote Panorama database

Hello all gurus of everything tech. :slight_smile: I am wondering if anyone has worked with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags and antennas. I want to be able to remotely read / write RFID tags via wifi and then update a Panorama database. I came across Mercury API, but it seems to be above my tech grade. Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

I came across Mercury API,

They certainly buried the information, but on page 15 of their programming guide it says they support OS X via C or Java.

I think this means that it might be possible to write a C command line program, which could be accessed from Panorama. You’d have to find someone to do it, probably would not be cheap. You might ask the Thing Magic people, perhaps they know of someone that has already done it.