Odd error, Dropbox, sending email, Pan X

I’ve set up my wife’s non-profit to use Panorama. The use dropbox so the 3 employees can get access to the database. They have been successful not trying to open the same database at the same time. Here’s the problem. One of the users can’t send email any more. she gets:
PYTHON ERROR: ImportError: Bad magic number in /Applications/Dropbox.app/Contents/Resources/site.pyc

The Panorama X logo is on the warning pop-up.
Keep in mind the 2 other users nor the Admin have a problem sending email. The app (Panorama) is on each laptop and the DB is on Dropbox in the cloud.
I’m using James Cook’s Python Mailbox v1.0 to send email.
How do I fix this oddity.
Thanks Bill

This indicates that the problem is within the Dropbox app. The app is actually a special folder named Contents, that you can access by right-clicking on the Dropbox icon and choosing Show Package Contents. In there you’ll find a Resources folder that apparently contains site.pyc.

site.pyc is undoubtedly a file that Python created when it compiled a script while running within Dropbox. My guess is that she’s got a bad pyc file. It’s a temporary file and not a regular part of Dropbox so my inclination would be to delete it and see if that’s the cure.

Thanks for your insight. After removing the .pyc file dropbox wouldn’t load. I was in a hurry and forgot to reboot, it might have worked just fine if I had. Instead at that point I just reinstalled Dropbox and all is well.