Obsolete procedure statements and functions

The first attempt to open my Pan 6 business files in Pan X shows numerous procedures with unknown statements like “reloopif” that worked in Pan 6. Is there a listing of all of the features of Pan 6 that must be removed prior to converting to Pan X? I hope this isn’t too much work.

Read about “Post Import Fix-ups” in “Importing a Panorama 6 Database”, containing a link to “Unimplemented Statements and Functions”.

There are alternative new statements or functions available that are able to replace deprecated old statements or functions, e.g. you have to use replace( instead of change(. So you will have to replace some statements or functions, but you won’t lose any “features”.

is not a documented statement in Panorama 6 either, but the statement repeatloopif is working the same way it did in Panorama 6.

That is true, and Panorama X was primarily written based on the Panorama 6 documentation and by experimenting with Panorama 6. For the most part I did not reference the Panorama 6 source code.

So, I just did some experiments and in Panorama 6, reloopif definitely does work the same as repeatloopif. Even though it isn’t documented, it is trivial to make reloopif work, so I have just done so. So if you are willing to wait for the next release of Panorama X, reloopif will work. If you need to get code working immediately, you’ll have to switch to repeatloopif.

I suspect that reloopif must have been documented somehow in some way. In fact I have a vague recollection that perhaps reloopif was the original, and repeatloopif was added later. My memory is a bit fuzzy on this point, and it must have been back in the Panorama 3/4 time frame.

The change statement is a special case. Panorama 6 used a very weird, irregular syntax for the two optional parameters. This syntax was different from every other statement – truly this was a one-off special case. Panorama 6 does have a change statement, and it works the same as before for the two required parameters, from and to. But if you want to change only words, you now use the changewords statement. There is also a changewordsexact statement that replaces the caps option. So if you were using the words or caps options with the change statement, you will have to do a bit of rewrite.

Thank you. I am customer number 13541 for Panorama, mid 1980’s. It is the best program for Mac and does everything for my business and my customers.