O.K. to Discard?

New year… trying to downsize. Wondering if it’s safe to throw away the documentation for Panstar and Site Warrior?

Are you kidding – those are collectors items! [grin]

I don’t even remember the Panstar documentation. Must be pretty short.

59 pages… but PanStar was just a small part - turns out it was the Panorama cgi manual for WebStar 2.0. Quick review of that manual shows lots of familiar language from Enterprise server.
I also found my reservation to the Pan 3.0 training - two locations, LA & Boston (I went to LA). That training was what really helped me consolidate both the power and intricacies of Panorama, and allowed me to make some real time-saving tools that were instrumental in operating several businesses. Cost then ('96?) was $495, plus airfare and lodging for 3 days! Since $495 back then would be closer to $1,000 today, that makes the 10.2 class, at $95, looks like a steal… attended from the comfort of my own home, refrigerator at hand, with replay available on demand. Sign me up! :wink: