Numeric fields in Crosstabs

In Panorama 6 fields containing integer numeric values could be used in creating crosstabs. In my case WA counties are coded from 1 to 39 in text files imported from State records. I created a procedure to separate counties east and west of the Cascade crest by renumbering them so that my crosstabs listed the counties in each region in alphabetical order.
In Panorama X integer fields do not appear in the pulldown menu in the Crosstabs wizard. If I change the field type to “text” they do, but don’t sort in numeric order. In another query someone suggested adding a “0” before each number, but that doesn’t work for multiple digit numbers.
Has anyone developed a workaround for this issue?

In Panorama X’s preferences, you have to enable the option Allow grouping of numeric fields.

Thank you so much, again, KJM!