Nsnotify is not working?

nsnotify "Today is "+datepattern(today(),{DayOfWeek, Month ddnth, yyyy})
does not produce an nsnotify message …

Is it just that one message that isn’t working, or is it not working in general?

You might want to check this previous topic.

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I checked, and PanX is set to Banner. nsnotify is not working on several databases. It had been working reliably until recently, but not anymore…

Using my old computer running 10.15.7 and Panorama X 10.2.0 b36 (4425) the nsnotify works as always. When using my iMac M1 running 14.2 with the same Panorama X version the nsnotify messages do not pop up on the screen but they are listed in the side Message Center if I open it.

I am running under 11.4 Big Sur with the problem in every Pan X database. In my old computer, running 10.10.5 Yosemite, nsnotify works fine.

If notifications aren’t appearing, either Do Not Disturb is turned on, or notifications for Panorama aren’t properly enabled in the System Preferences panel. You may have more than one entry for Panorama in the Notification settings in System Preferences, make sure that the copy of Panorama that you are actually using is enabled.

I first reported that nsnotify was unreliable in 2016. Sometimes it appears, but usually it does not. I have many times confirmed the settings are correct.

File a bug report with Apple I guess. Displaying a notification is one line of Objective-C code using the deliverNotification: API. If it doesn’t work, it’s Apple’s fault. It has always worked for me, and this code has never changed since it was first written in October 2014.

I find that a number of things stop working over time, only to come back when I restart the computer, particularly on my Intel iMac. It is not limited to Panorama.

I cleared up my problem by restetting the Do Not Disturb section of the Focus panel in System Settings. Evidently something there was changed with one of the recent system updates. I have had other things change in the past when updating so that does not surprise me at all.