Not working as before

Trying to extract address from clipboard:

local txt



I have used “¶” & “¬” in place of the CR & TAB . These seem to no longer work. I have substituted other characters and they do work. (Example using “§” in place of CR works fine.

“¶” would only work if there is literally such a character being displayed. What you want is Address=extract(txt,¶,1), no quotes on the ¶.

Of course it all depends too, on whether or not it’s actually a chr(13) you’re trying to replace.

If you are doing this in Panorama X (the category is not indicated in your post), there is a good chance the separator is a linefeed. In Panorama 6 the clipboard converted a linefeed into a carriage return but in Panorama X it does not. You can try to either convert the clipboard to carriage returns with the lftocr( function or use lf() as the separator.