Not saving window positions

I have a database that will not save window positions or the tool bar. I set the window to the size I want and display the tool bar. I save it. When I open the file again, the tool bar is gone.

Even worse, if I use a button to open a different form in a different position on the screen, then close the window which puts me back to the original screen and save, the database opens in the dimensions of the second form I opened, again without the tool bar.

The is not the way it’s supposed to work, right? I realize I could set the dimensions of the form when opening, but I shouldn’t have to right?

Correct, that is not the way it is supposed to work.

Does this happen for every form in this database? Or just one in particular?

You know, I’m assuming you are just opening the file by double clicking on it, or using the Open File dialog or Open Recent. If you are using a procedure to open the database then you could get the results you describe depending on your code.

Do try to make a small change (or do something that causes the Red save button to have the black center circle) then do the Save. It may not be saving unless it ‘sees’ a change.

Remembering that at least in some setups (mine, for instance) the red button never gets the black center, but even so the name of the db in the main menu bar will say “Edited”.

I only open to the one form. Maybe you mean if I open a different form, close it and see if the DB opens to the size of that form. I’ll have to do some more testing, but I only open to the one form after saving. Still not sure why the toolbar doesn’t stick either.


Thanks Robert. I’ve tried making several changes and saving after each one but it doesn’t help.

Here’s what I want you to do.

First, open another form. If the database doesn’t have a second form, create it.

Now, close the first form. Then use the View menu to re-open it. Does it open back up in the same spot? Does the toolbar re-open in the same state? When a form is opened with the View menu Panorama uses the exact same logic that is used when opening the entire file. My educated guess is that there is something wrong with the form and it won’t reopen correctly, but I don’t want to guess.

Try the same with the second form. Close it and re-open with the View menu (of course some other window must remain open in this database so that the View menu can be used). Does it restore the position and toolbar state correctly.

In Panorama X the position and toolbar state are saved for each form separately, not for the database as a whole. So I’m guessing you’ll only see the problem with this one form, and especially not for a brand new form. My guess is that your form is corrupted somehow. But I don’t like using the word guess over and over again, please give me some more data to work with.

Thanks Jim. That certainly helped me track down the problem without opening and closing the file over and over again.

The problem was with a view-as-list form that I was switching from data to graphics and back to data mode to refresh the variables on the header tile. I didn’t make this form originally and I am charged with making it work the way it did in pan 6.

The window was being opened with this code:

GetMaxWindow a,b,c,d
SetWindow 60,d-760,400,760,“nopalette”
OpenForm “blahblahblah”

I changed it to:

window box “60 170 822 751”
Openform “blahblahblah”

The DB opens as expected now with the main form and the toolbar. I’m not sure why it needed the change but I’ve found there is still a lot of experimenting to be done with conversions.

No difference in operation, but I would suggest this simpler code:

openform "blahblahblah","rectangle",rectangle(60,170,822,751)

Though it still works, I consider the windowbox statement to be obsolete.