NoShow Still Has Problems

Hello Everybody,

I’ve reported issues with NoShow in PanX before. Apparently the issue is subtle, because I don’t see others reporting problems.

A converted Pan6 document is now completed in PanX. Once done, and giving correct output, I added a NoShow command at the start of the procedure, and a ShowPage EndNoShow at the end.

The procedure now gives different results. Commenting out the NoShow command makes everything OK again. It is the NoShow command which “breaks” the procedure.

The macro has a loop which cycles through many databases, which are listed in another database called by the macro. The macro extracts certain data from each database, closes that database, and goes on to the next one.

But the “NoShow” version of the macro repeats each database twice, so the extracted data is doubled. Commenting out the NoShow returns the procedure to proper operation.

Inserting a NoShow at the start of a procedure should have no effect on the procedure. But it does in PanX.

Is this an issue you are aware of, Jim?


Vic, I could be “off” on this but once upon a time, I believe the “Show” family (Show, NoShow, EndNoShow, etc.) was supposed to appear, do it’s thing, and completely finish, on one page/window, before moving to another window.

Trouble would be brew’n if you started a noshow and moved to another window. This is one area that has certainly evolved over time. So if you are bringing code over from Pan6, I’d read the PanX documentation about the Show commands very carefully to see how the issues are handled now - especially if you are moving to different windows and databases.

Hello designer (what a great handle),

Yes, I read the help file on NoShow, and I knew that changing windows would NOT be suppressed. Same thing happens in Pan6. But the overall macro should work the same, regardless of window suppression.

I am using Showlater in lieu of NoShow. That doesn’t break the macro, as NoShow does. I am hoping that Jim responds with news that he’s looking at NoShow. I am experiencing other odd, even weird effects with NoShow. So if Jim finds something wrong, and corrects it, maybe all the NoShow problems will disappear.

Then again, maybe Showlater is the new NoShow. Should we be using that command all the time, Jim?


The noshow statement is designed only for use within one window. It should not be used when you are switching from one window to another.