Non functioning form

SO I have a simple form I’ve been using for eons to record vendor reserves at my shows. I’m trying to convert to PanX but nothing works, NOTHING! As you can see in the side by side, lefty being Pan 6 right being Pan X the Pan X version does not show all the check boxes. Also, if I click a check box in Pan X they all disappear!

I also can’t click in a text editor box, simply nothing happens. HOWEVER, if I switch to single page mode from View as List everything works.

Any clues as to where I should begin?

Data entry does not work in View as List in Panorama X, as I recall.

I guess I should offer a workaround: On your newly Individual Records form, put a Text List item with the data that you need to see in other records where the other records were, and navigate to the record you want with that.

This is such BS! I’m really getting very tired of all the features of Pan6 that are no longer working in PanX. I’m spending huge amounts of time converting only to find things don’t work no matter what i try.

I’m sorry to be so grumpy about this but really! It seems to me Panorama has taken a giant leap BACKWARDS! I’ve been using since the days of my original 512K Mac and never had a problem moving from one update to another. What was an elegant and easy to use program before has become something else entirely.

View as List not working the way it did in Pan 6 was a huge deal to me too, but I dealt with it over two years ago because the writing was on the wall. Anytime you wait until the last minute, things are always more frustrating.

Tell me about it!

But this is at least a known issue, and the workaround that I suggested is simple and it can be useful. It is like having individual records with a View-as-List portal in it.

I am dealing with forms that do not work at all, that freeze or crash constantly, except that the problems come and go in response to different things at different times.

Same here. I’m very frustrated by this process. Sure the workaround works but I relied on the view as list to be able to scan records in a format that was easy and quick to read. Been at this for over 2 years with PanX gradually trying to convert. Only a tiny handful of databases could be converted easily with only minor procedure coding changes but others, especially form based ones… holy cow!

To me this is as if a Panorama wanabee came along.