No warning when deleting line of data

In Panorama Classic when hitting the delete key you got a warning asking of you want to delete the data line in the data window, or using Option-Delete you could bypass the warning. No such warning on PanX, is this a bug or a “feature?”

It’s considered a feature, because in Panorama X you can always Undo. User interface textbooks say that Undo is preferable to a warning.

However, this is not the first time this has been mentioned. Even though Panorama X does it correctly “by the textbook”, quite a few users don’t want it that way. So the next release, Panorama X 10.2, has a preference panel that allows you to enable a warning in this situation. In fact, it is super configurable, it has about a dozen warnings for warnings of operations that can be reversed with Undo, but some people want the warning, so it has been added.

Great choice Jim. Personally I like the warning because sometimes it’s possible to accidentally hit DELETE and maybe not realize it. In fact, this is how I discovered there’s no warning! Of course the OPTION-DELETE is great when we purposely want to delete a record. I hope that ability stays?


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LOL… you could have said YESSIREEBOB!

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