No warning before destroying data

I’d love to see a warning before allowing a change such as a Field Type that might be destroying data.

I just created a new field. In the process of scrolling back and forth between the last field in the database where the new field appeared, and then creating a new record to see if the default value was working as desired, I inadvertently change the field type of the first field of the db destroying that data without any warning. I then Saved before realizing my error.

Then I found that Revert To… Browse all Versions was crashing and not working at all. Now I am attempting to revert to a backup that will not have recent data.

A warning that a change will destroy data of some sort may have saved a lot of time.

Up until the point at which you used the Save command, you had the option to Undo. Modern UI best practice is to only warn for operations that cannot be undone.

I realize that not everyone is going to agree on what “best practice” is, so we may have to agree to disagree on this.