No Panorama Server at

It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything much with Panorama Server 6. But we’ve got a website with conversion to X that has yet to be finished. Meanwhile we’ve got some necessary patches to load and I can’t get a connection via the Available Servers wizard. I get the message that “There is no Panorama Server at http://190.268/…”.

The server is up and running with Panorama working just fine to generate content.

Does anyone recall how to resolve this problem?

Other than if the URL is incorrect, I do not remember ever hearing of such a problem.

I’m rattling this cage again in case some new eyes see it and remember… this was an occasional issue of the past and digging through everything I have has failed to find a solution.

Panorama Enterprise is responding well and generating pages as needed. And while the server shows in Available Servers, including on the server itself, it cannot be reached by Server Administation or other wizards - again, this includes the server itself.