No Data in Datasheet

I use many databases as reference manuals when working with my main program. When one of these is opened, the initialize procedure (in the reference database) opens a TEO with a variable that displays the data for the first field. I have only one record in my datasheet with multiple fields (chapters). Earlier this evening everything was working fine, now when I launch one of these reference databases, the form opens and the data is displayed properly. I can click another button on the form to go to another chapter - and the data displays correctly on the form - but when I open the datasheet - no data appears in any field. And… when I double click into a field on the datasheet, Pan crashes.

Oh geeeeez… never mind! I went to the field menu and “Show All Fields” and now back to normal - but the strange thing is - I did not Hide any field. Sorry for the post - Jim might want to delete this one. I just returned from a month in Hawaii so guess I need to work out my own bugs - thanks

I wonder if this might be related to a bug I just fixed. I believe in some cases I saw this cause the current line to be blank in the data sheet, and since you only have one line…

Yes… it’s happening again today. Even to those databases I worked on yesterday and used “show all fields”. In these reference manuals, I only have one record in the database. Returning today the data is not visible - but it’s no problem to go to the fields menu and “Show All Fields” again. Thanks