.NewRecord spelling

I was lamenting the long ago inclusion of the Implicitly Triggered Procedures in the pop-down menu that allowed me to easily be reminded of the available options and the ease of creating that procedure with the spelling all set and correct. The lack of the feature in Panorama X caused me to look up in the Help the correct spelling of the .NewRecord procedure. Finding that item within the Help was not easy as it was hiding within the larger text about many other similar things. But I was reminded of the seriousness of the spelling when I saw the text that stated…

.Initialize ☞ Ok
.initialize ☞ Will not trigger

And so I created my procedure, tested it to see that it worked as needed, and then noticed that my working .NewRecord procedure was spelled…


Well, perhaps the spelling is not as important as we’re told.

Your database must also contain a .NewRecord procedure. .NewRedord definitely will not work.