NewFormObject error when creating new DB from blueprint

The above error message occurs while trying to create a new database from a blueprint that contains a form. That is: File -> New -> New Database from Blueprint.

Apparently any type of form (or report) will trigger the error.

The error seems to be triggered on older databases and not newly created databases. For instance, the above message was from a DB created in Jan 2017; however, a very simple DB created today, as a test, did not trigger the error.

Running macOS 10.12.6; PanX version 0.9.006 (2605).

There is a known bug in the Export blueprint feature – it won’t work properly unless it is used from a form window. If you export while the data sheet window is active (or a procedure window), form blueprints won’t work. I suspect that you may have exported the blueprint for the older database from the data sheet.

One workaround for this is to use the View Organizer to export blueprints. When the View Organizer is open, you can export the blueprints for the selected database by using the Database>Export Blueprints for this Database command.

You’re right; I did have the data sheet window open during the export. I retried an export with the data sheet open on my new test DB and it also resulted in an error. So, at least the error is consistent. Will stick with your suggested workaround which works fine. Thanks.