Newdatabasewithtemplate, without dialog?

I’m programmatically using
newdatabasewithtemplate tPlate
where tPlate is a variable programmatically constructed based on the data. It quickly builds just what I want, but the procedure annoyingly pauses for me to either click the “Construct Fields” button or the enter key to close its dialog. In this case I neither need nor want the confirming dialog. Is there a way to do without it or to have it automatically close to permit unattended use?

Don’t use newdatabasewithtemplate – notice in the documentation it says this is “internally used by Panorama”? This statement is how the File>New>New Database From Template command works, so the dialog is definitely not optional.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix, here it is:

constructfields tPlate

That’s all there is to it!