Newbie question for entering pre fixed text

An hour or so this afternoon of trialling P10.1.2. (Currently I use Filemaker Pro 15 but only as a flat file database. In FM I have in one database circa 82,000 records, dozens of fields and an extensive use of repeating fields. I’ve been using FM since FM12 but think it might be time for a change.

I have skim-viewed some videos and tried searching in Help but I’m not familiar with P’s terminology so i do not know what to search for.

In FM, I have several ‘value lists’ containing fixed data, for example (I’m in UK), counties, such as Kent, Suffolk, Norfolk, Devon, and so on. In P10 I thought I’d worked out how to set up a field where I could choose data from a preset list. In Field Properties, select Choices then type in the name of each county press enter for the next line and so on; also I select Clairvoyance and Editable. Then click Automatic Choice List.

I have named a column County. When I tried to add data, up popped a box with the names of the counties and a checkbox. I clicked the check box and the field was populated. The first time I did all that I experimented adding a few counties in Choices but having found it worked i added lots more. But the checkbox doesn’t display all the counties. I’ve dragged the box to lengthen it but doesn’t make any difference.

I daresay what I should be doing is simple but only if you know what are doing. What should I do? tia.

When you say “checkbox” I think you mean “radio button”. This feature is designed for up to about a dozen choices, not hundreds of choices. If you have a long list of choices it is generally best to type in the data instead of using radio buttons, using the Clairvoyance option to assist.

Noted, thank you.

Not sure how you are actually entering the list of choices but they should be separated by a space and not a return. If a choice contains a space it should be replaced with an underscore character which will be converted back to a space it the popup list. There is complete information in the help file:

In addition to using Clairvoyance, you’ll find that setting the field’s Auto Caps to Word will also be useful. Thus if the first letter typed is lowercase, it’s instantly converted to uppercase which helps ensure a Clairvoyance match

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Before reading these further comments, thank you, I entered:

Mog and Mog Ltd

which appears on the radio buttons as

I note now that I must use an underscore. But


appears with two radio buttons

Mog and
Mog Ltd

I am not accustomed to using underscores - I love that iMac OS underscores are not required in file names - so i guess I won’t bother with Choices but just use Clairvoyance.

How to I disable the sound?

Congratulations, looks like you have uncovered a minor bug/limitation of the Choices list.

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Well, maybe I spoke too soon. I just actually tried you choice and it works for me in a sample database.


On my old pre-2010 iMac I’m currently stuck with OS X 10.13.6 which is the last version that will run on this old computer. Is this another OS version anomaly?

No, Gary. Same here at least on my MBP under macOS 10.14.5.

I didn’t enter Other. What happens if you delete Other? How many radio buttons then?