New Video -- Panorama X presentation at Boston Cocoaheads

CocoaHeads is a group devoted to discussion of Apple Computer’s Cocoa and CocoaTouch Frameworks for programming on MacOS X and iOS. There are local chapters all over the world including one in Boston. Last week I gave a presentation to the Boston chapter about Panorama X. I discussed why Panorama’s RAM based architecture makes it radically different from most other database programs, and how its built in developer tools allow much of Panorama to actually be implemented in itself. The talk itself is about 40 minutes, with about 40 minutes of Q&A afterwards. This was a bit different from any other Panorama presentation I’ve given it before because it was tailored to an audience of developers. Though most members of this forum aren’t developers, I suspect some of you might still be interested in this talk. It’s now available in the Panorama Video Training window (in the Help menu) under Conference Talks, and can also be viewed in a web browser:

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Well done, Jim!

I’m sure it was a great introduction to the CocoaHeads about what you’ve built, but it’s also a great introduction and/or review for established Panorama users.