New version of SiteWarrior?

When can we expect the PanoramaX version of SiteWarrior? I have site that needs to be updated.


SiteWarrior was discontinued at least 15 years ago, and as far as I know never worked on OS X except perhaps under Classic. It was based on Panorama 3. I’m glad you appreciated it, it was cool at the time, and sometimes I think it would be cool now, but it wasn’t a commercial success and I have no plans to bring it back, sorry. In fact, I’m not even sure where the source code is, though I must have it somewhere.

The question was kind of tongue-in-cheek, but with the resurgence of JAMStack website development, something like SiteWarrior would be an interesting alternative to Jekyll, Gatsby, etc., and maybe even to WordPress.

Yes, I did notice that the wheel has been turning back, and in some ways SiteWarrior now appears to be 20 years early. Could be a fun project, and could be a lot better if implemented in Panorama X instead of Panorama 3, but my plate is more than full!!