New record's field data isn't sorting properly

i feel like I must be doing something obviously wrong but it isn’t occurring to me. The number data in a new record isn’t sorting properly and I can’t figure out why.

I’ve included the field blueprint below for reference:

setfieldproperties initializedictionary(



Have you been doing any grouping? This is what I would expect if there are hidden summary records. Try using Remove All Summaries (command - K) and then sorting.

I had been grouping previous to the sorting problem. Things are sorting right now, but I bet what you suggested is what happened. If it happens again, I will check for active grouping. Thanks so much for the hint.

Just friendly feedback: It would be helpful if any active grouping is visually indicated somehow in the layout or the toolbar. (I had thought there was always a green bar at the end of each group.)

The summary records are green, but if they are hidden, you aren’t going to see them. They will be hidden, if subsequent to the grouping, you did a selection that didn’t include the summaries.