New Procedures and the Action Menu

If I could vote, I would vote to have new procedures excluded from the Action menu by default. The databases I design are used in an office environment and most things would never be executed by a regular office user of PanX. Although I can see that another person might feel differently.

The default is to include them unless they start with a dot, but I’m sure you know you can exclude them individually in the Procedure Properties pane.


I don’t know if there would be enough reason to make an option in the Preferences for this.

Name your procedure by starting with a period as in “.mynewprocedure”. It will not appear under the action menu.

Jeff, good point. I could do that. If I could remember that I could also check the box to exclude from the Action Menu.

I think you might find this helpful from the Action Menu help pagel:

Unlisting Trailing Procedures

To keep an entire group of procedures out of the menu insert a procedure named () . Any
procedure below a procedure named () will not appear in any menu.

I forgot about that one ( ). I withdraw my suggestion.