"New Outlook" breaks my AppleScript procedure for sending email

My PanX client is using Office365, now named Microsoft365. I just noticed that Outlook has an option to switch to the “New Outlook”, apparently part of Microsoft’s strategy for transitioning to the new version. When I tried it, I discovered that my PanX procedures, and the Applescripts they implement, to send an email with Outlook do not work. Since I know so little about AppleScript, I don’t know how to fix the problem. Has anyone dealt with this issue and do they have an AppleScript that works with the “New Outlook” for sending email?

IMHO the “New Outlook” is an UI change only; I do not think it affects the AppleScript compatibility.

The recent version of Microsoft Outlook.app still contains a big suite of AppleScript functions, as you can see it in the Script Editor.app.

So I think the cause of your problem is no lack in AppleScript functionality, but maybe caused by a small name change.

Unfortunately it’s not just a UI change; I must avoid it because it won’t download mail from one of my ISPs.

Yes, the new Outlook is also causing the inability to download email for one of my clients. For her, it appears that her Yahoo/ATT account was switched from a POP account to an IMAP account without her knowlege. The only fix that worked for me was to delete the account and then reconfigure it again. When it was re-setup, the new Outlook then configured it properly for the IMAP account and all worked kinda ok.

Oh yes, that was annoying: the switchable “New Outlook” option did not support POP3 accounts. (POP3 support was promised, if I remember correctly.)

Today Microsoft replied to my request for help:

Hi, Thomas.
Rich here at Microsoft 365 Support. I’ve done some research in regards to the problem you’re having with the ‘New Outlook’ and AppleScript but haven’t found any way to make them work together. I’m continuing my research, but for the time being, please use the Old Outlook if you wish to use AppleScript. I’ll be in touch with you when I know more of what we may be able to do.
All the best,
Microsoft 365 Support Ambassador