New Free Video "Introduction to Forms"

David Duncan just noticed that the list of videos on Vimeo had one item missing – Introduction to Forms. This is quite an important video, but I accidentally left it off the list of videos. It was already uploaded to Vimeo and ready to go, just got left off the list. So it turns out there are actually 27 videos, not 26 :slight_smile:

As it happened, this was always planned to be a free video, no charge, so check it out!

Panorama X’s graphic editor is modeled after Xcode’s Interface Builder. All object properties can be manipulated with a property inspector panel. You’ll learn how to create graphical objects with the Object Library, then manipulate them with six inspector panels, including overall form options, measurements, appearance, font, formula, code and special properties. Form object blueprints are also covered, as well as various techniques for manipulating objects on the form canvas. 35 minutes.

Introduction to Forms

Thought I would add a little additional tip that was not covered in this video regarding the use of the arrow keys to nudge objects and object handles. If you hold the shift key while clicking one of the arrow keys the target will move 10 pixels instead of only the standard one pixel. This is handy when making larger controlled moves.

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Wow, I forgot about that myself!