New Feature -- Right Click to Quickly Open a Procedure

The new 0.1.026 version has a cool new way to open a procedure. Instead of using the View menu, you can right click in the current procedure. Suppose you’ve already written a call statement to the procedure previewExport, as shown below. Simply select the procedure name, then right click and choose Open from the pop-up menu.

Boom! Panorama X will immediately open the previewExport procedure! How cool is that?

Note that this will only work if the procedure name is correctly spelled. If it isn’t, or if you’ve selected something other than a procedure name, you’ll get a submenu listing all of the procedures in the current database, so you can quickly jump to one without going all the way up to the View menu.

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Robert Ameeti
(949) 422-6866

I’m afraid your suggestion is a bit too cryptic for me.