New capability coming for Text List and Matrix objects

A common request for a long time has been the ability to update a Text List or Matrix object as data is edited. In particular, I know that @CooperT has really really wanted this. Tom has been such a dedicated beta tester that I put this on special request for him. This turned out to be quite a brain teaser, in fact after several hours of work I gave up. But after a break, I decided to give it one last shot, and finally made the breakthrough. Even better, there’s no special setup or programming needed – it just works (for both Text List and Matrix objects).

Here’s a little video example of this in action. This form is simply a Text List and 5 Text Editor objects. There is zero code. Watch closely, as new text is entered, the list updates. This even works if you enter the text into the data sheet.

Text List Data Editing Updates2

If you look closely you’ll notice that this is a shared database – this new feature works with both single user and shared databases. This new behavior will be in the b17 beta release, which is getting close to release.

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I like it and it will solve an issue I’ve been dealing with for some time.

Cool. Updating Matrix and Text Editor lists has been temperamental at best. This is great!

One detail I forgot to mention – this new update feature only applies to when the Database Navigator option is enabled.

This will be awesome! :wink:

Thanks, Jim. I can’t wait to try it out.