Nested Subcategories

I have a database that tracks transactions from a number of accounts. Transactions are assigned to categories and subcategories. Due to the types and number of transactions the list of subcategory values is pretty lengthy. Is there a way to limit and display subcategory values based on the category value selected? In Filemaker I would do this by pointing the fields to a list that maintained the structure of possible values.


It depends somewhat on how you want to handle that list of subcategories but ArrayBuild is likely to work for you.

With the selected category placed in a variable it would be something like this:

Let vCat = Category
Let vSubs = “”
ArrayBuild vSubs,¶,"",?(Category=vCat,SubCategory,"")

In the above, the contents of a field named Category of the active record is being loaded to a variable named vCat. An empty variable of vSubs is created. Then an array (list) is built in vSubs of all values in a field named SubCategory that have the Category that has been loaded into vCat.

At that point you may have a lot of repeated SubCategory names. ArrayDeduplicate would eliminate those.

ArrayDeduplicate vSubs, vSubs,¶